Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well Hello to all again... How was everyones holiday? Good I hope

Mine was pretty fun, althought it isn't really over yet. Everyone on my side was up for christmas, mom, dad, my younger brother, my older brother and his family, and even Nana.

I had a very interesting shadow all day, my niece who is 4 was like "Aunt Marie, guess what... Aunt Marie I can pour milk, can i help? Aunt Marie I've flipped Pancakes before can I do it? Aunt Marie What are you doing, can i help? Aunt Marie can we watch a movie? Aunt Marie my feet still itch can we put on more lotion?" It made for a very eventful day. I enjoyed it till about 5pm when i just wanted to rest, fortunatly she found someone else who felt like listening to her play by play of lady and the tramp.

All in all it was a good day, but like I said the fun isn't over yet. This weekend my hubby and me and going to the other side of PA to see his family, and do christmas again. It is a long drive, but we will be there a few days. It always seems like the time goes so slow, but i guess it is ok, cause we don't see them too often.

Having off four days kinda messes you up for work. Cause then I am back for three days, only to be off for four more days. To bad i don't really get to relax for any of them. Hopefully I will eventually.

Anyone got any good new years plans? or resolutions?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well since it is so close to Christmas I think Red is appropriate today. My goodness, this week has been a whirlwind. Some of the days I would walk in the door from work, scarf down dinner and walk right back out the door. Whew, needless to say it hasn't helped being sick. I started to get better, but of course I have done too much and feel worse today.

The most excitement for this week was my mom going to the hospital in an ambulance. Well I don't really know how exciting it is, but it sounded exciting from what I heard from my Dad. Now not to worry she is ok, althought we haven't really heard the results of the multiple MRI's they did, she feels much better.

So here is some of the work I have been doing this week... enjoy :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jam Packed Schedule

Well next week is so crazy! I have three photo shoots for christmas, meetings with some friends, xmas party at work (with the chance of me doing photos there too), meeting with people about doing there wedding in the summer, throw in a 2nd xmas party with friend, church and bible study. And this is all from Saturday - Thursday.... I think i am going to colapse when I get home from work on friday. Then I gotta get my shopping done for Christmas dinner, cause everyone is my house.

CRAZY... so if you eatch me on the run you know why.

Here are a few holiday photos of some little girls I did.

So enjoy, while I go prepare for next week.

Monday, December 10, 2007

December already???? what?

Well, Its mid december already... can you believe it? I feel like my head is swimming in things that need to be done. Some days it functions well, and others everything falls on me. Do you ever feel like you work, and work, and work, and never catch up to things? like work? or bills? or have any time left after work?

So much to do and never enought time or money to do it.

I really enjoy Chrismas for many reasons, but I also don't enjoy it for a few reasons. Lets start with the good first of course. I love Christmas, for the main reason of course my Lord and Savior was born on earth to save me. I also really enjoy it cause It is a time of joy and love, and family. I always get to see family at some point or another, which is so great. They love to get together, and hang out, just to spend time together. It is so nice to know that you will definitally see people you love. And of course I love christmas music, i start listening as early as possible. (sometimes too early for those around me) hee hee :)

Then of course there is the thing I don't like about christmas. I don't like how it has become, all about what we can get. Like all some people think about is, what am I getting for christmas. What is so and so buying me. And a lot of times people fall into the fact that they spend too much and justify it on the fact, that "oh its the holidays" And as selfish as this makes me sound, i hate that, cause I know i can't do that. My human nature wants to say, oh i can buy that even if it is a little more that i thought... but know i really shouldn't buy that. So of course then human nature says to me that i should be jealous of those who have whatever they want, and I should be selfish and want what they have. Can I just say that is really hard to fight! ugh money and holidays.

Anyway, this year is a tough one for that cause there is one really big item that i really, really, really want, and to justify it is for my business not just fun. lol I know I am not getting it cause we can't afford it at the moment.

Its like Satan is standing around poking me with sticks, first one thing then another.... never a dull moment.