Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Picture Perfect

for your enjoyment!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its so nice and warm!

Well, nothing major going on around here... Lots of new pregnant people, which is cool. I think I am starting to come to a comfortable reality that I will get my turn, but just not yet. It does still get to me sometimes, but not too bad.

Had some fun this weekend. Shot a wedding with the coolest people. They were so funny! (photos to come) I didn't actually shoot the wedding, cause they did a destination wedding. It was just a local resception and such. They want an album though, so i did all the cute poses you know. But i did quite a bit of overshooting. I shot just about 600 images. heehee. It was only a six hour even too.... that is about 100 images an hour. Needless to say I have a bit of editing to do. I guess it is good to have too many than not enought.

Sunday we had our church picnic in the nice warm weather. (which by the way I am so tired of people saying "its soo hot"... Suck it up people) It was pretty fun, can't go wrong with fried chicken i guess.

Thats all for now, Photos to come so keep checking!
Love ya all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Filled 4th

I guess it is time to blog without photos for a change. I hope everyone had a good holiday! We had some local famous radio ladies over for the 4th (ok so they are our friends) It was nice, nothing major going on, has some Wii sports challenges. Which I should have won, but I was cheated out of it. :) Kidding. ok so I did win the baseball game, but I really wanted to win at bowling.

Anyway, both me and my hubby had off on Saturday the 5th! WHOOHOO! Nothing planned for that day except laundry day. Well around 12 lunchtime, the neighbor came over to borrow our wrench, and invited us for food at 3! Awesome! Apparently he had gone shopping for dinner when he was hungry. oops. So he had 2 rack of ribs, clams, chicken wings, and corn on the cob! Keep in mind that the only him and his wife (expecting a child) live next door. So they had a few people show up for food besides us.

Then the neighbor to the left of them who just moved in was having a party too. So we were all out on our back decks partying together. We played games in there yard and ate from there chocolate fountain, and they came over and listened to the phillies game and at ribs at our party. Pretty funny stuff. This went on pretty much till it was dark. So it was quite interesting, met some new people.

Anyway, I guess that is about it for now, I will hopefully have some new photos up soon. I have several sittings coming and a wedding, and I just did a baby shower that I am still editing. I had a bit of a trigger finger for that, I got about 200 shots. heehee. And I hate to get rid of any of them, only some of the out of focus ones.

Hope everyone it well! Keep posting, I enjoy reading them all!