Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday, Sunday.... where does the time go!

Well I don't know about you, but my weekend was PACKED! Holy cow! I feel like I need a day to recuperate, from the weekend! Whew.... Well it started with an early phone call from the hubby, at like 7:30 he needed a phone number he had left at home. (Fortunately he waited as long as he could to call me)

After breakfast I did a little cleaning. Then went with a girlfriend to check out some dogs! too cute! Back just in time to finish making a few sample pages for the wedding I did before my next photo shoot.
Can you say too cute!So after that was all over, Jason took me to the Phillies game. It was ok, definitely better than watching it on TV. The only problem is I am terrified of falling from heights... we sat in the 300 section. Nice seats, we got to sit on the end of the row, but it took me a few minutes before i would walk down there. Cause you know, when you come to the edge and all you can see is sky and the rest of the stadium, that definitely causes someone with a fear to panic a little. Once I got seated and didn't plan on getting up ever, I got a little more comfortable. Every once in a while I would realize I was up high and get nervous again. Needless to say my hubby was more than gracious to let me cling to him. (notice most of the picture I took are not pointed down at the field)
Look I smiled... at the end of the game. Hey and the Phillies won too. :)
Ok and this was all on SATURDAY....
Day Two.... Sunday

Sunday started with a slightly more rowdy than usual, 2 year old Sunday school class. I seemed to be "Jump on Miss Marie Day" but for some reason, no one told me. :) lol They were a good class, just a little energetic. Never a dull moment.
So then, we went home and I got ready for another photo shoot.... wheew. And lets just say that one took way longer than I planned.

Well after that was all done, we also had a lady come over with her dog she is selling. We are thinking about getting. He was so cute (sorry no photos of him). She had one other person to visit about the dog, and she is still thinking about what she wants to do. We are really hoping she picks us.... I think Jason got attached in the short visit he was here.

Whew, after all that Jason and I just pretty much sat around the rest of the night watching TV. And before you know it, today was Monday again.

Sorry this is really long, and I hope you got to read it all, and I didn't bore anyone with photos. I tried to keep them to not too many. But what can I say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words you know, so the more pictures the less I should say. :)

Hope you Enjoyed!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well as promised family photos from the weekend! Enjoy!!! I had tons of fun!! (not to worry I didn't put up to many)