Monday, October 22, 2007

Creativity at work...

Here is a recent shoot, enjoy!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Adventures

Well me and my hubby had off this weekend, and I was told we should have been doing something exciting. But alas, we stayed home and cleaned, literally ALL DAY! We did the bathroom, spare room, computer room, our bedroom, and living room which included moving the furniture so when Christmas comes there is room for a tree. We didn't get to the dining room or the kitchen, but they are not bad. The kitchen gets regular cleaning, and we don't use the dining room much.

I must say i didn't realize how dirty some things were. For example, (alert: if you don't like hearing about dirt skip to the end) the bathroom, When I take a shower i don't have my contacts in so i can't really see the soap scum, and I don't look at it any other time. (Secretly i know its not clean, but i don't look) Well Saturday i decided it was time to clean it, EWWW! I poured on the lime a way HARD! But at least the yellow tiled shower is yellow again, not orange in between the tiles. :) I am so proud of myself! I even put up a new plastic liner (which was also gross). So if anyone wants to come over and see the house right now is a good time, everything is clean.

Skippers start here:

As much as i don't like changing things, I am come to like moving the furniture once in a while. Mind you, it takes a while for my hubby and I to agree on things. I tend to like things with a little angle, but he doesn't. He likes stuff straight, so there is no waisted space. We usually "discuss" it for a while, and then just start moving things to see what we come up with. Well this time we were trying to move for the holidays so we have room for the tree and presents and floor space for whatever. I really like it cause it is really open, it was open before but for some reason, it just seems more inviting now.

When we were totally done, I told myself that I would start a regular small cleaning routine, so things stay nice. (I don't think it is going to happen, but i can dream).

Now to plan the better things this week, like how i should cut my hair... hmm

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well all the new fall seasons have started and my hubby and me have picked up a few new shows. (Not that we need more TV to watch). One that I really like is LIFE. (I should clarify it is not a show for little kids) The cop was in prison for 12 years and has now been cleared and allowed on the force again.

But some of the things that make it pretty funny is cause the major advances in technology in 12 years. (although his obsession with fruit is pretty funny too) They were interviewing a suspect and he was talking about getting an IM. Well the cop had no idea what he was talking about, he played it cool though. Another thing was one of the other cops wanted to take a picture with him, well he whipped out his phone. The main guy was like, dude thats a phone.

It just makes realize how much technology the world has created in 12 years. CRAZY!

I wonder what will be cool in 12 more years....

It kinda makes you wonder what you would do if you lost 12 years of your life to something....