Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ok, Well this one is going to be a good one, I hope.

My husband taped the giant 6 hour event on CNN about God's warriors. Two hour about Jews, two about Muslins, and two about christians. Well we decided to watch the Christian one first, cause I was most interest to see what it was about. Now I am not at all a theological person, and most of what I believe I have been taught by my dad. I know that sounds lame, i didn't go out and study all the super deep theological stuff by myself, but i just don't have the capacity to understand all that stuff. (sorry tim) I have nothing against people, pastors whatever who love to study it and understand it, but i will just stick with what i know, like God sent his only son to die for my sins so I can be saved.

So Anyway, this CNN thing. It was very interesting, they had a lot of (apparently) well know people in the religious world. So we were watching these people, and they were all presently slight different views. Some I agreed with and some I wasn't so sure about. Ok for example, this one guy was shall we say lead to "emobilize christian voters". Which he was preaching saying that not voting is a sin. And that we need to vote the morals we follow..... I don't remember, thou shall always vote being a ten commandment?! Did I miss that one... heehee. I think he seemed a little extreame, but the real question is what is God going to say when he goes to heaven, good job? what were you doing? I don't know.

Here is another one, there was this guy who went to a scientic convention, and learned about how the earth is dieing from global warming. So because it says in Geneisis that we should take care of all Gods thing for God, this guy is saying that we are dishonoring God, by creating global warming. And that God was an environmentalist. WHAT? I don't know how i feel about that one.

How can people read the bible and see only what they want? Why do they interpret it in such different ways? Is it really that hard to interprete the words of God? Aren't they there in black and white?

Anyway, here is the one that really got to me. I hope this doesn't offend anyway, and I am open to hearing what everyone thinks, please. Jimmy Carter was being interviewed talking about how he sorta lost the second election because of this Christian movement or whatever. Well since then he has been a big guy in his church or whatever. Well in his baptist church they created and passed some kind of edict (i think). It goes something like this. The Bible teaches that wifes must be submissive to there husbands, therefore they are not allowed to be a pastor/leader of a church. That makes sense to me, because when i was little and i asked my dad why girls couldn't be pastors it was explained to me that, wives are supposed to be subbmissive to there husbands, and that Men are supposed to be leaders. Now I don't think that means a lady cannot go to seminary and get a pastoral degree and be a leader, but not of the entire church. Woman certainly can be leaders, and can be teachers, but not pastors. (i think) Mind you that Jimmy Carter thought this was wrong and woman could be pastors, so he started his own bapitist religion or whatever. But what I want to know is what is right? is there a right and a wrong? If a woman becomes a pastor and has all the correct theology and saves people in Jesus name, is God going to say to her when she get to heaven, good job, but you weren't supposed to be a pastor? Or is he going to be like oh well, its ok, cause you did such a good job furthering my kingdom. Is there really a right and a wrong answer about this one, or is it open to interpretation? How do we know God's interpretation?

My hubby didn't think it was a big deal, but to me it is cause i have always believed one thing, and if that is wrong i want to know. It kinda makes me think what else have i just assumed is right because i was told that when i was a child. Ok, ok I am not going to question everything and be paranoid, but it does make you wonder a little.

Well before this gets way to long, i am going to stop. Hopefully me next blog will be more light at heart.
(sorry for any spelling errors)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Well here goes

Well i am not the greatest writer, or speller for that matter. But I thought maybe it would be nice to share my thoughts with people who might read them. So I don't know really where to start, but maybe I should start with stuff about me.

My hubby and I have been married just about a year now. And I love it! We have been together for almost 5 years now, which seems like a long time, but only because it goes so fast. I have two brothers, one a cool pastor with a great family, and the other an awesome mechanic. Mom and Dad live in Delaware doing church planting and pastoral work. Someday I hope they move closer, but that is definitally better than 10,000 miles. Mom and Dad in law live about 5 hours away in a tinie tiny town, with one traffic light. For those of you who don't know, I am from all over. I was born in reading, lived in that area for about 13 years. Moved to Guam, where i lived for about 8 years, and still consider an awesome place to live even if it is so far away! Now i live in Schwenksville, with my husband.

My husband is a chef, and also does random autoCAD designing on the side. Loves his mac, and anyone with a mac. Also couldn't do with out his nintendo. Which i am ok with cause he is not a super sports freak so, thats nice. But is does like nascar, which i am getting in to, how can you blame me, cars going at 100+ miles per hour in a circle. :) heehee, no it is fun to watch, but also good to nap too.

I am currently looking for a better job. Right now i work at Sears Portrait, which is so fun, but the company is not fun anymore. WAY to stressful, so i feel that it is time to move on. Find something better for our family.

Anyway, i think that is is for today, but be prepared for my random blogging. I may have photos, poems, how i am feeling, and whatever else my fingers feel like typing. I hope you enjoy!

Love ya