Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby's everywhere... AAH!

Once again, I haven't had the time to sit and write to you all. Since the Last time I wrote a lot has happened.

First of all I had a birthday, which is always fun. We didn't do anything major, had a few friends over for some games and cake. I didn't even tell them it was my birthday, and somehow they all brought me a card. How sweet! And I must say, the Carrot cake was good too!

Then I celebrated two other friends birthdays back to back. Always exciting!

Jason and Me also did 2-3 year old sunday school class, which is always so much fun. They are so cute. They always want to sit on your lap when it comes for video time. It is so cute! Or when they ask you to help them color there picture, or do there craft. They are all so cute! (makes me want one, not like i need help wanting that)

To throw in a little work info, at one point I went to a work trainging. (Which wasn't the interesting part) We were learning about getting out of hold positions, say for example a consumer was grabbing your hair. Or bitting you, or grabbing your wrist with two hand. Well, they practiced some of the samples so you would know how to do it. So I was practicing with another girl, and in the process I got my head slammed into a table. Ouch! Now before you all panic, it was a plastic table, and I didn't bleed or bruise (at least not yet). It really didn't hurt that bad, but it did shake me up a bit. And I had a headache later that night.

And to top it all off my sister in law had her baby! Niece #3..... And my friend Had her baby girl same day! CRAZY! So my Niece, came about 5 days early, Samantha Rae 8lbs 11oz 19" was born 8/25/08 at 8:20pm! whoohoo! And my girlfrind had her baby, Bailey Ann, 5lbs 10 oz came abou 7pm - about a month early, but doing great!

Yeah so that is all I can think of that has been going on.... whew! crazy. And I have a bunch of things planned for the coming weekends, so hopefully more interesting things to come!

Love ya all!