Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ok, ok, so it has been a while since I've gotten a chance to blog. So I guess this will be a catch up on my unexciting life. Well January has been a pretty laid back month, I am catching up on rest from lack there of in December. Had a game night with a few friends recently, which is always fun you know. Been having and attending "Parties". I went to a Pampered Chef Party, and I had a Stampin' Up Party, both fun. Finally got a chance to visit my very pregnant friend on bedrest. Last but not least, i have an eye exam at the end of the month, whoohoo.

Today I finally got my act together, I have been trying to get some exercise into my routine and never did. Well we have this equiptment at work that we are allowed to use, but I never did, cause someone was always looking for me, when I tried to work out. Well today, I finally got around my laziness and set my alarm for 30 extra minutes. So I showed up at work with plenty of time before work to work out. So I got in a nice almost 30 minute work out in! yeah me! Hopefully I can keep it up!

Speaking of work, I now have a "stalker". Its funny and not funny at the same time. What can I say they people who live where I work have mental problems so you really can't take it seriously, but you still gotta be on your guard. Its kinda like a little puppy following you around, the part where it gets weird is when they stand at your office window stairing in at you. What can I say it must be really interesting to watch me work.

Well, speaking of, I should get back to my work.... bye people!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Post 2008

Well a new year has started! 2008 wow can you believe it! That means I have known my hubby for 5 years to the day on New Years.

We spent New Years "weekend" at the in-laws, doing 2nd christmas, and new years. I think we have done that twice so far. There church does this thing, the Sunday before New Years called Sticks in the Fire. It is supposed to Represent giving something to God. (that is how i can best describe it) Basically you get a little kindling stick and give it to God for the thing you are trusting him to take care of that year. If you want to can tell the church what it is for, or if you want to tell them about your blessings, or you don't have to say anything. It is kinda interesting, the first year me and my hubby just watched. This year we both put sticks in.

Well..... thats pretty much it for the New year so far, nothing exciting going on....

Oh Well, I did book a job for a wedding coming in the summer! yeah!

Talk to you all later