Monday, June 23, 2008

What can I say

Well another exciting weekend, at my house. Friday night my hubby and me went out for a dinner at the ever fabulous Chic-fil-a! Yum!! And then we went to see the newest Narnia in theaters... I know we are a little late, but better late then never. Plus the theater wasn't that full, which was nice.

Saturday, I did another shoot in the morning, kinda over lunchtime. In the evening, my hubby and a whole bunch of friends when out. First the boys did the batting cages, and then we all went mini golfing. Ever the exciting score keeping, I was winning till the 16th hole, and then my hubby ended up winning! It was a close game for a while though. Drat! I like to win you know, but I did have lots of fun. And I even got a little bit of sun, not enough for a decent tan though... bummer. Looks like I am bound for another summer with no tan to speak of. *sign*

Hopefully soon I will get my act together and get my business website up and running. I have been pretty busy the past few weeks with sittings. I can't wait untill it really takes off with weddings and everything. I want to get some better lighting equiptment, and someday I will get a studio too! I get so excited just thinking about it. And someday I will be old and retire and either give the thriving business to my kids, grandkids, or sell it for a retirement fund. Ok, ok maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but what can I say.
There were so many photos from my sitting this weekend, here is just a sample, I may have more later, but i don't want to over load my few readers... hee hee :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Softball, photos and more

Well Once again, I am back to blog about the photos I have been taking. But first I will say I have been soo busy! Softball all over the place! Tons of games, and we can't seem to get anywhere, we win one, we lose the next. Although I think we have a winning record, but I really don't remember, it has all been a crazy blur. Along with family in town, graduation parties, birthdays... ect. CRAZY!

Whew, well this weekend I did some shoots for my business you know. Did some cutiepies! Only planned on one sitting this weekend, but my other friend had a dance recital so I squeezed her in the day too. FUN STUFF! Enjoy!