Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Hubby

Well its been a while since I got to sit down and blog. I wanted to give you all Thanksgiving thoughts, and some old family traditions, but I was sooo busy that week, it just didn't happen.

I really wish I had something profound to talk about today, but sadly I don't. As lame as this sounds I am actually going to post a blog my hubby wrote on another site.


Yes the Holiday season is here! It always official starts when my family shows up around Thanksgiving... It was pretty much the same this year as it was last year. My mom's family all getting together, 25+ gathering in a building not big enough for all of us, and going insane by the end of it cause of the guys playing video games, the girls chatting and giggling, and the older adults trying to talk to each other over all the noise. Not to mention my mom buying a christmas chicken toy that played the chicked dance song and danced... (why mom???)
Anyways, its all family, so you got to love them, and I do. Thank goodness Marie is still with me after years of this torture each thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving was fun, but black friday was even better, and my black friday didn't involve any shopping, or waiting in line. We all took the oppurtunity to sleep in. I LOVE SLEEP! Then after we all woke up and gathered together again at my place (sometime around noon) It was time to get the tree...
We went to a tree farm out near our house, It was quite the fun experience. First we arrive there, and find out where to go to chop down your own tree. The assistant tells us to wait in line near this dirt path and the tractor will be along to pick us up. So we wait in line, hop on the next tractor and take a 5 minute tractor ride down to the other side of the farm where the tractor drops you off... after about 15 minutes of running around trying to find the "right" tree.. we finally had one seperated from its roots, and in david, and jons hands, being carried back to the tractor pick up spot. after the ride back, a quick wait in line to pay, and some free hot chocolate (curtosy of the tree farm) we had the tree in our trunk and on its way to our living room. Then back to our place for an evening of family and decorating. Now thats the way to spend black friday.

Oh, and for you crazy shoppers... there was one deal that Marie wanted to get from a store, but instead of being at the store at 5 am to get her hands on it. she ordered it, online, at a decent time, and got it for the same price with free shipping, and it was here by Tuesday. :)

Friday, November 16, 2007


Here are some updated photos of the nieces!! Aren't they just the cutest??

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here are some new photos for you to enjoy! More to come, some of the nieces!

Monday, November 5, 2007

add on

Just so everyone knows, my last post was not in anyway ment to be an attack at single mothers, or at people who had sex before getting married.

Hope I didn't offend

Trust Challenge

Well yesterday was an interesting day, the message at church felt it was preached right at me. So I guess here are my actions regarding that message. (*hint: this may get long)

Yesterdays message was on how to trust God. And well the long and short of it was that we can't just say we trust Him, but we need to ask God to give us the trust. Well anyway the challenge set out by Pastor was to tell someone what we are struggling to trust God about. So here it goes....

Now I am just going to start off and say this may be more of a selfish issue then a trust one, but maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, I guess I will start with the hard part, I have trouble trusting God's timing. I don't like to not know when things will happen. Now, I am not all that bad, but there are a few things that really get to me. So here goes. I have the most trouble trusting him timing about children. I want to have kids, alot. :) I'm sure most people already know that, but here is what you may not know. I don't understand how children are a blessing, like I am faithful in waiting for his timing so i will be blessed with the children he wants to give me. But if that is true then how come people sin and have sex before marriage and the blessing I am waiting for in his timing, they get as a consequence to there sin????

I just don't understand that. And I'm not trying to offend anyone who is pregnant and not married, don't get me wrong kids are good either way. But I just don't get it.

I'm going to be totally honest here, so please don't judge me too much. There are plenty of chances that my and my now hubby could have had to had sex before we were married. Both our parents live several hours away, who knew what we were up to. BUT WE DIDN'T! Why because it is a sin, and we didn't want to do that it just seems like no one sees that as wrong anymore. Now I'm not saying we were like the most holy couple to ever live or whatever, but there just seems like so many couples in the church who are engaged or not get pregnant. How can i trust God to bless me with children when it also comes as a consequence?

Now logically I understand why right now is not God's timing for us. Financially we can't afford it, and i know everyone says you can never afford it, but when you don't have more than $100 extra dollars a month, there really isn't any room for anything else right now. But how do I trust there will ever be? I mean I have never gotten a descent raise in my life. Bill don't ever go down, and there is always unexpected things. Like cars dieing, things breaking. And yet I know a person who lives at home with her mom in a little apartment and isn't in any better financially, unmarried, and is going to have a baby. I mean where is the sense in that? How is that even right, she sinned and gets a baby that she probably is going to have trouble taking care of. What kind of life is that kid going to have. At least I am married and have a house and a good job. When will it be my turn?

I guess my real problem is emotional. I just don't understand God's timing. Logically I know it isn't the right time for a family for us. But It just doesn't transfer to my heart, to what I want.

I feel like being not rich is part of being a christian for most people. Like God tests your trust when you are just barely financially OK. I have never asked for millions of dollars cause i know that wouldn't make me happy. But sometimes I just wish that God would sell a couple of those "cattle on a thousand hills" and give me the money ;) Guess that is pretty selfish.

Anyway, I hope someone reads this so I can a least feel like told someone. :)

Thanks for listening hope it isn't too long....or selfish sounding.

Love ya all